Wideband Small Magnetic Loop RX- Kit by M0KPI

The FDARC project for 2023 is a Wideband Small Magnetic Loop (“WSML”) amplifier board, and a Bias Tee board which supplies power to the amplifier via the interconecting coaxial cable. Both are built on double sided PCB’s using through hole components.

The WSML is a receive-only antenna system which can improve the signal to noise ratio of received signals when QRM is a problem on your transmit antenna. It does this by being less susceptible to the effects of local QRM that tend to radiate from high impedance “unintended antennas” such as mains wiring and power leads, and through having a well defined null in the loop antenna radiation pattern that can be “pointed at” a QRM source to reduce it.

Schematic of the main board

Bias T – PCB

Detialed instructions are avaibile here… for more infomation pls contact the club or better still pop in 🙂

Here are some useful 3d print files to go along with the project..

BNC socket protector https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6583448

Case for both the Amplifer and the Bias-T