Fareham DARC
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In the Fareham area, there’s a number of repeaters you can listen to and access reasonably well.

If you’re new to amateur radio, listening to a repeater is a reasonable way to get started as they’re usually active at some point during the day and are fairly easy to pick up on even a handheld radio outdoors, possibly upstairs. If you’re an SWL, you generally don’t need to worry about CTCSS or shift as you’re not transmitting.

SignMode(s)RX frequencyCTCSS / ShiftLocation
GB3SHFM145.662571.9 Hz / -600 KHzSouthampton
GB7IVC4FM / Internet Linked145.775-600 KhzSouthampton
GB3SNFM145.72571.9 Hz / -600 KHzAlton
GB3FNFM433.37582.5Hz / +1.6 MhzFarnham
GB7RND-STAR145.6375-600 KHzFareham
GB3IWFM433.22571.9 Hz / +1.6 MHzNewport, IOW
GB3SUFM433.20071.9 Hz / +1.6 MHzSouthampton
GB7POC4FM439.7375-9 MHzPortsmouth
GB7SODMR + D-STAR439.525-9 MHzSouthampton
GB7MTC4FM439.6625-9 MHzSouthampton
GB7CODMR439.4875-9 MHzFareham
Credit to G7MFR for putting together this list/Updated by M0DQO 14/03/2024