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Club Members

Graham G0UUS has made his DF talk available to club members.
The title is VHF Direction Finding (PowerPoint) and the link is =Link

Clubs & Societies

Radio Society of Great Britain -Represents British Amateurs. VMARS
- The Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society for people interested
in restoring Military radio equipment.

Link for upcoming rallies registered to date

Link for 160 Meter Radio Propagation Prediction Table

Horndean & District Amateur Radio Club

G7KPF UK Amateur Radio Quick Links-Guide to UK based Amateur Radio web pages

General Amateur Radio

Morse Practice - A Koch Method CW Trainer by G4FON
Propagation Forecasting  (this is excellent)
Atmospheric/space Weather  (main dashboard)  
(realtime F2 critical map that could be inserted into a page) (you need to register for this but it is free) (very good for 2, 4, 6m)
Clusters (very good for 6 and 4m)
SDR’s  (local SDR  - with VHF)
RSGB On this page you can listen to and control a
short-wave receiver located at the amateur radio club.

ETGD at the University of Twente
In contrast to other web-controlled receivers, this receiver can be
tuned by multiple users simultaneously, thanks to the use of Software-Defined Radio.

LA8AK, Radio Communications Resource Page
Unfortunately LA8AK died in 2005,
but his website continues. G7HEP stumbled across his site whilst
researching the German radio equipment installed at Batterie Vara,
Kristiansand. It seems this was also one of his interests.
learn morse code Learn morse code in one minute!

The Killing Ground
- Earth your station safely by Peter E Chadwick G3RZP.
This is a copy from Rad-Com June 1987 with authors permission.
It must be remembered this article was printed over 20 years ago
and the regulations have changed.
If the reader has any doubts then a qualified electrician must be consulted.
However it is believed this article was correct at time of printing
Page 1 and 2 are in PDF format and are about 1.8 megs each.

Page One and Page Two

Horology also sells straps, including the NATO canvas type.
Cheap Batteries are always fresh. In Swindon. has thousands of movement pictures, to help you identify and classify.
With production dates.

Manuals and Restoration Manuals and modifications for all sorts of ham radio gear.

The Boat Anchor Manuals Archive - a large listing of technical manuals
and circuits / handbooks for a wide range of equipment.


A very good site with lots of one valve sets at -

Links to information on Softrock projects,

Buy kits from Tony, (if in stock be quick - they won't be for long)

Main Yahoo group

PowerSDR-IQ (the name may change for copyright reasons)

Rocky from Alex Shovkoplyas

Very detailed builder's notes

Motherboard V4.3 project from Loftur Jonasson

The amazing Silicon Labs Si570 synthesizer

Ham Radio Homebrew
Lots of homebrew projects and links here - a useful site.


Dundee Satellite Receiving Station
This is the Dundee Satellite data receiving station,
and has some interesting weather pics; registration is
free, and some of the images may well be useful to some members.

EUCLID Realtime European Lightning Map.

Isle of Wight Weather Lightning activity from Isle of Wight weather station - very good for tracking storms across / around UK


Your Remote S-Meter Lots of information here, plus the ability to listen in to receivers located at various places US and other.

Atomic Clock Sync Free Windows software for synchronizing your PC to an internet atomic clock.

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