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The following pictures show some of my interests.

This is my new project. Itís a Morris commercial CS8 wireless truck or at least itís the body from one.
I believe it's one of only 2 of this type left. I have the second in bits in another shed
I believe my wireless body is a No1 Mk2 c.1938.
 As you can see the restoration is coming on nicely.
 For more information and pictures go to Morris Commercial CS8 wireless truck page

No 1 Mk2 wireless body as found

Part restored

Almost finished

I have started on the truck and it should look something like this if I ever finish it.

This is what an early CS8 wireless truck
should look like

 My CS8 Gearbox after restoration

CS8 GS not mine but the truck is the same


2004 trip to France in a1942 ex British army jeep
We repeated the trip again in 2009 but this time in the rain.


1942 ex British army ford jeep

The jeep was a lucky find and after only a little restoration.
In June 2004 a friend and I drove it to France for the 60th anniversary of D-day. As can be seen it was hot & sunny.
7500 other WW2 vehicles joined us as did the Queen and President Bush.
Tony Blair passed in his car and looked at us as if we were mad!


This German Wurzburg WW2 radar was part of a small radar museum just north of Caen.


Jeeps at Pegasus Bridge-we got to the front

French re-enactors as US troops


Pointe du Hoc



The trip included a visit to Pointe du Hoc, Pegasus Bridge, and a massive re-enactors camp.


The French army had a big presence as can be seen by the radio equipment they were using
on the next hill about a mile from us


WW2 Military Radios and equipment


Canadian WS19 Mk 3, part of my small collection of WW2 radio equipment.


This is the 1944 (160 lb) tent used to operate the WS19 from at our local military vehicle show.
 Solent Overlord Executive military vehicle club


Some of my home construction and other interests

1932 TRF made in 2006

80 watt HF PA using VHF transistors


LC meter and Frequency meter using PIC's

1940-60's valves and transistors


Valve 1920's


Items pictured above are of home construction and vintage components I used in a Fareham radio club talk.

The shack

This is my shack as it was in 2006 prior to moving house
Items pictured HRO 500, R551N, 19 SET Mk 3, HRO MX, PCR, R1155,
( No Japans black boxes in my shack)


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All images are © and belong to Bob G8KZO and only used with his permission.